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    Hello. i am having a problem with my new galaxy s4 phone. it cannot receive picture messages nor videos. On my last samsung phone it could, i cut my sim so it could fit into the samsung s4 and everything works fine i can contact everyone send picture messages to everyone else but i can't get any picture messages sent to me.. my friends try to send a picture to me and nothing at all comes on my end no download icon what so ever. i wondered if it was my new phone or my sim since i had cut it. so i put it back into my old phone and got my friend to send me a picture message and i received it... so i put it back into my new phone knowing there was nothing wrong with my sim, and got my friend to try again but still nothing came. i have looked and tried going into other network settings and resetting the APN nothing changes... i tried sending a picture to this telstra number which is a free number that sends a picture message back to you... but still i got nothing... so Someone please can you tell me what the heck do i do?.... and also for some reason i tried to video call my friends and it says "video calls not supported" how do i fix that as well?
    09-07-2015 09:51 AM
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    I am not sure what carrier you are on, but have you reached out to them or stopped into a local store. Have you factory reset the device before starting to use it, could be something isn't right with the last user or if it was new when you got it, could be something with the phone. I would also suggest getting a new SIM to insure its set up right and check to make sure there isn't anything blocked on your account. Have you tried using another MMS client like Hangouts?
    09-07-2015 10:33 AM

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