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    Hello !
    As i stated above i have lots of malware and trojans on my phone Galaxy S4, it all started a week ago as of 10/11/2015. My phone just started going bananas and lots of ads started downloading, it was nothing huge but i did install malwarebytes bcs of it. Adware got removed then, unfortunently the problem was persistent and whatever i did it just didnt go away. Yesterday i found out through various other programs that i have a trojan on my phone that go written into my system files. Factory reset doesnt work, cant uninstall apps installed by malware and trojan etc. The only thing i can do is disable those apps(dawn of titans, Flashlight, sexual secrets etc.) and anyway they get activated right away. I tried many programs to remove viruses and no my phone is not rooted.(CCleaner,Malwarebytes,Avast,AVG) It seems that whatever i do it doesnt work so i was wondering if there is ANY way to fix it ? Please Help ! ;_;
    11-09-2015 06:14 PM
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    Hello, welcome to the forums! Did you download any app from a third party store? There's a new kind of trojan that hides deep into the system and even a factory reset can't delete it.

    Take a look here.

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    11-09-2015 08:58 PM

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