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    We purchased a new GMC Acadia in October. I had been using Bluetooth for about a month with no issues. I would say, "call xyz", and it would recognize that name in my contacts and call that person.

    A couple weeks ago (on 11/8 or 11/9), it suddenly stopped recognizing any voice command names. The system still recognizes other voice prompts, such as "tune to 101.1", and it will call a number if I say the entire number, but will not recognize any of my contact names. Even stranger, if I say the full number for one of my contacts (i.e. "home") , it will pull that information from my phone and then say, "calling home".

    Is anyone else having similar issues? Any idea how to fix it, or why it started doing this all of a sudden? I can't possibly recite/remember everyone's full number every time I want to make a call. TIA
    11-20-2015 05:55 PM

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