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    I have a Sprint L720 running a odexed stock MK2 rom from circa 2013. I followed all the steps back then flashed a custom recovery and the rom for the hotspot capability and am still extremely happy with how it turned out but... I want all those fancy new features lol. I don't really need anyone to hold my hand through the whole process but I did reformat a few times since then and have a couple questions before I start paperweightin' this.

    Everything on here is MK2. Software, Baseband & Build. If i wished to flash a newer lolipop rom to my L720 would I need to apply any updates first? Can I flash the new rom from the custom recovery? I attempted to upgrade the firmware through Kies but keep running into a device not recognized error that I suspect is because I'm rooted. When the phone is in downloading mode the last 2 lines are Write Protection: Enabled eMMC Burst Mode: Enabled
    Anyway thanks in advance for your time!
    12-09-2015 01:59 AM

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