1. ZenSojourner's Avatar
    I've had it with Google Maps. The most recent "update" has resulted in a return of a bug where GMaps takes itself out of direction mode for no apparent reason (and without being touched). Also, there is no control over the voice, which is now so fast that I cannot understand her more than half the time. This increases distraction and danger while using it for driving navigation. On top of that, recently it has started doing things like only allowing me to get WALKING directions - comes up in WALK mode and will not let me change it for any reason. If I try to just go with it and drive anyway, after a mile or so it will suddenly start scolding me for having it in walking mode when I'm clearly driving and it stops working until I stop and change the mode.

    Just a few months ago I had an error message relating to Google Play Services (which I had DISABLED) that kept popping up in the middle of navigation, which required about 45 minutes on chat with a Google person to get straightened out (I had tried every remedy I could find online for this over a period of several months and none of them worked).

    I am sick of Google. In fact, I am sick of Android which is basically also Google. At any rate.

    As I understand it, Nokia Here is supposed to work without needing a 4Gs or WiFi connection. I have settings for the app set to offline mode. However, when I try to go to Drive mode, it tries to make me turn Google Locations on, with a warning that they WILL be sending my location data to Google via that process.

    I want my GPS to work in GPS ONLY mode. Does this really need Google Locations to work? IF it does, I need a different app. I want my GPS disconnected from anything Google related. If you can't use it in Drive mode without turning on Google Locations, then where do they get the idea that this will run, including real-time navigation, in offline mode???

    12-13-2015 10:16 PM
  2. beagle82's Avatar
    Nope, it doesnt need Google location services to work. Just change your location settings to GPS only and away you go.
    12-15-2015 04:22 AM

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