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    My Galaxy S4 is adding a kind of email history as attachments to most emails. These are shown as "Untitled attachment xxxxx.txt" where xxxxxx is 00047, 50 & 56 plus
    "Untitled attachment 00053.htm" on the latest sent item. They appear to be a plain text copy of the message, a text version of the address, a text version of the email this was a reply to and the htm is a muddled version of the outgoing message as well.

    Why do these appear in my Outlook Sent items folder on our home PC? The service provider is talktalk and the email is set up as IMAP.

    Are the intended recipients also getting these weird attachments as well?

    Any advice would be appreciated as I am new to the Android system.
    01-15-2016 07:15 AM

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