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    2 months ago, my step daughter dropped my verizon gs4 and broke the digitalizer. I took it to a phone repair place on her mothers suggestion, they fixed it, by putting on a new digitalizer and glass, I guess it came as a unit. Anyway, 2 months later my phone was on the bed, I sat on it (weigh 230) and it once again broke the digitalizer but the glass is in perfect condition. Before these fools fixed it, I had the phone for almost 2 years used it on the jobs ect and never had an issue. After some inquiry it seems they used generic brand parts and wont make good on the product. So I am trying to fix this phone for the cheapest I can. I found a sprint GS4 a person is selling but the phone is a contract phone he defaulted on a contract with (he claims he paid for the phone) Anyway all I need is the digitalizer and glass. Can I either swap those parts over on my phone, (are they the same) or use my verizon motherboard in his phone and which would be easier?
    01-23-2016 08:45 PM

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