1. KLW6's Avatar
    My Samsung Galaxy s4 was pushed off of a table and onto a tiled floor earlier today, and since then the screen has turned green and purple with spreading purple spots.

    Being a Saturday I can't take it anywhere to be repaired until Monday, but I'm also moving to the other side of the world in a month- and so between now and making that move I will be needing to make (and will be receiving) a lot of phone calls- and was hoping to get an idea of what exactly was wrong with it, alongside an idea of what sort of cost I am up for.
    02-27-2016 01:02 AM
  2. clickerman's Avatar
    Too bad about the accident. I think you would cost more than $200 to repair the screen which is more than the phone is worth so maybe you should start looking for a new or refurbished phone
    02-27-2016 07:07 AM

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