1. ackmondual's Avatar
    I've had my Galaxy s4 glass replaced 2 times.

    1) Dropped my phone, and the glass fractured along the entire screen. I put a screen protector over it to keep my fingertips from getting cut

    After the first repair, a visible spec of white lint/dust(?) got underneath the glass. I decided to let that go, as a sort of reminder to be more careful with my stuff. Also, because the rim of the top part was no longer sealed, dust managed to get in there, making the front-facing camera "clouded". By the time I noticed this, I've long moved out of the region where the repair place was, so I had to let that go. Otherwise, the phone worked fine, I was satisfied with the work done

    1.5) I was near a repair shop to see if I could get my internal camera fixed. It was this guy who pointed out that THAT portion at the bezel top was NOT sealed, so that's why dust was getting in there. Paid a bit of money, he cleared it, replaced it with a new camera, and put some kind of seal/epoxy? into it. Unfortunately, I picked at it, and there's now a gap. I can take a business card, slide it in there, and scoop out some of that dust

    2) dropped phone again, but only the top part was fractured (where you'd swipe from to open up Android Notifications)
    The 2nd repair traded 1 problem for others...
    +the screen was no longer fractured

    -The charging/notification light isn't really visible since there seems to be something opaque over that. That light only leaks out from the top
    -the digitizer is off. It's much more difficult to drag and long press.

    At this point, between replacing the glass on own or getting a replacement Galaxy s4, which makes more sense?
    03-24-2016 12:40 PM
  2. extraclass's Avatar
    Look on youtube for a video about replacing the glass on an S-4. You have to heat parts to be able to force them apart. This can not be good for the plastic parts. But I think the only limit would be the cost! Have you tried something like an Otter Box that will protect the phone from drops and help keep out some of the debris?
    03-24-2016 09:11 PM
  3. ackmondual's Avatar
    Otterbox makes it too big to be used comfortably. Plus, it won't fit in my belt clip.

    Will consider looking into a thinner, rubber case, and a belt clip that can accomodate that.

    I'll have to see if replacing my own digitizer and screen is somethin g I can do, and have the tools for.
    03-25-2016 06:38 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    At this point, between replacing the glass on own or getting a replacement Galaxy s4, which makes more sense?
    Replacing the glass on your own, unless you've done a half dozen or more, makes no sense t all. (You'll probably break something requiring, at least, a new screen.)

    There's a mid-point between doing it yourself and getting a new phone - depending on the laws where you are, you could sue for specific performance - iow, fixing the original problems to manufacturer sped (with no additional charge to you), you could find a competent repairman, you could sue to have him pay a competent repairman you've found, etc. Doing an incompetent repair job and making up excuses for the failure of the "repair" isn't usually an option. (I actually hate people who barely know how to open a "sealed" phone, but claim to be repairmen.)

    As to the original question, with careful and competent work, probably at least 100 or more.

    Good suggestion. Mine's never out of the Defender, except to swap batteries. And I've dropped it enough times to sell broken glass by the truckful. It felt huge at first, but you get used to it (and it comes with its own belt clip - which it fits).

    (The heat problem is the problem - just a bit too cool and you tear the screen, just a bit too warm and you damage the screen. That's why replacing a $10 digitizer can cost $50 or more. Experience costs money.)
    04-02-2016 09:53 PM

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