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    My device, a galaxy s4 with android 5.0.1 installed, randomly starts playing the same song anywhere up to 10 times a day. The only way I have found to make it stop playing is by pulling down the notification bar. I have tried to go through the apps running and turning them off but have found nothing that seems connected to the sound. The song played is nothing I know of and it just loops through the same 20 seconds forever if I don't turn it off. I have a recording of the song but the forum doesn't seem to like links so I couldn't post it.

    Any help appreciated, no clue what it can be...
    04-08-2016 10:49 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Please consider registering on this forum, which should let you post a link. It also makes it much easier to carry on a discussion about the issue.

    Is it a standalone song, or does it sound like it could be an ad?
    04-08-2016 11:12 AM
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    04-08-2016 11:55 AM
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    I'm currently unable to listen to that easily. But try using My Files to look through all of the various user-accessible directories (especially any Media directories), and see if there is an unusual mp3 or mp4 file. If you find one, does it match?
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    04-08-2016 03:12 PM
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    Hmm, can't find anything suspicous. There isn't any way of finding out what apps/processes are using the speakers? And one thing I find really weird is the fact that the only way to turn it off is to pull down the notification bar, why would it be connected to the notification bar in any way?

    Just found that when using the built in voice recorder app it turns off as soon as I start recording.
    04-09-2016 02:46 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I listened to the file--that actually doesn't sound like an ad. It sounds like a legitimate song. Do you use any streaming music apps? Could it possibly be related to one of them?

    Did you also look in the subdirectories for /Android and /data?

    There's no permission required for an app to use the speakers, so I'm not aware of an easy way to find out which apps might be accessing the speaker at a given moment.
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    04-09-2016 08:03 PM
  7. McKnas's Avatar
    I have spotify installed, don't know if it could be related, it's not like I have listened to this on spotify at least.

    I checked both /Android and /data and there were boatloads of files but couldn't find any soundfiles with this song on it.

    Could i somehow turn off processes one after another and see when it stops playing?
    04-11-2016 07:36 AM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Could i somehow turn off processes one after another and see when it stops playing?
    Sorry, I don't have the technical knowledge to answer that.
    04-12-2016 01:19 AM

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