1. Mustang5point0lx's Avatar
    Sorry for the long post. In Chrome, when I go into settings and then Accessibility, into where it says Text Scaling. When I change the slider, above 100% on some sites, only parts of the text on the page gets resized... like for example, in Facebook mobile website, it will make the text in the posts larger, however... the text in some shared posts, friends names, date and time plus menu options ... all that will still be the same size it was before I resized it. It's not just facebook. It's every site. Also, text size will NOT resize below 100%. If I change text size to 75%, the size STILL remains at the 100% level. I don't mean that the setting is still set at 100%, I change it to 75% and the text is still BIG. Annoying... and even then, some pages text wont change at all, such as Google Groups and Google Search.

    This is only in Chrome. The Samsung browser "Internet" has an identical Text Scaling feature and it works flawlessly on every page. All text is resized and it will resize down to 50% (while Chrome does nothing). It also resizes Google Groups and Search.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    04-30-2016 02:55 AM
  2. jcdub's Avatar
    Plasti having the same issue. Tried chrome beta and it won't scale either. Possible 7.0 issue...?
    10-14-2016 06:38 AM

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