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    phone randomly turned off at around 7pm and as I am typing this its 12am and i still can't find any solutions on how to fix this.

    I've tried:
    -Swapping the batteries ( i have an extra one incase my power bank rans out )
    -Charging it for an hour in different outlets each ( power bank, car charger, home outlets )
    -Connecting it to my macbook to see if the Android File Transfer will work ( it doesn't, still says that there are no android device found )
    -Checking to see if the power button is stuck ( I found a post where you have to tap it to a table or on a flat surface; doesn't work )
    -Holding the power button, volume key, and the home button simultaneously ( no effect )
    -Removing the batter and putting it back on ( when i place it back in my phone vibrates and show the splash screen but then turns off after )
    -Safe mode ( tried holding the power button and the volume key; doesn't work )
    -Soft Reset ( the one where you remove the battery then hold the power button for a minute and put it back on and try it again; doesn't work )

    I noticed that after a few minutes of plugging my phone to my charger that will be the time it turns off. I don't know if its the cable or something. When I was in China, I plugged my phone to the dorm outlet and after a few minutes it turned off and after some long minutes it finally turned back on.

    While I was in the mall earlier, I plugged my phone using the power bank and the same thing happened; after a few minutes it died.

    I use only one cable for everything; house outlet, power bank, and for the car.

    Right now my phone is plugged into the house outlet and I tried turning it on again and nothing happens.

    Please help, I'm scared that the only option would be taking it to a technician and them telling me that it wont get fix or that we need a factory reset cause all of my important files are there including my recent trip abroad and its on a separate folder so its not saved on the SD card.
    04-30-2016 11:27 AM

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