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    I was at the pool with some friends and one of them pushed my into the pool. i didn't notice I had my phone in my pocket until i got out of the pool (less than 2 minutes). I took off the back and took off the battery to dry it as much as I could and turned it on again. it went into the recovery mode but then it went to download mode and the screen started alternating colors between red/pink and green. I got a little worried so i took the battery out after a while. now my screen is just black and the touch doesn't work. iI can hear it turn on and the top left light blinks meaning I have notifications.
    06-28-2016 08:12 AM
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    Switching the phone on was not a good move. Something has obviously shorted. It could be the screen or motherboard or more. The chlorine in the pool will cause early failure. Take it to a repair shop for assessment
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    06-28-2016 09:12 AM

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