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    Awhile back my sister dropped off her S4 because it would not turn on. After alot of playing with it, I could get it to turn on periodically, but sometimes I'd have to change to a different battery to get it to do anything, even with a charger plugged in.

    When I could get it to turn on, it'd overheat within a minute or so, and shut down. It would get really hot on the front and back of the phone towards the top. I don't think it's the battery, and I'm not sure, but I think it may be the motherboard. She has since got another phone, so this one has sat. Last night my son broke the charging port on my phone, and I have it hardwired till I can get another.

    I'm always seeing S4's on ebay with broken lcd's going very cheap. Any way that buying one of them, and using that motherboard in the S4 that I have may work?
    07-20-2016 07:40 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    07-20-2016 09:10 PM
  3. chuey_316's Avatar
    I took this one apart and found that the power ic is getting super hot when plugged in. The S4 is like new and if I can get away with changing the motherboard for $30 rather than $100+ for a seller refurb, I'd much rather go that route, then later replace the board in my s3 and give it to my son for his games.

    I have the tools, and ability to change the boards quite easily but was unsure if that would cure it. After seeing that it's the board causing the heat, and not the battery or lcd, I thinl that would do it. I'm still open to any concerns/suggestions though.
    07-20-2016 09:41 PM

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