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    My phone is a Galaxy S4. I'm running Android 4.4.2 so I can keep root alive with Towelroot.
    I'm having problems with Business Calendar Pro version and Beautiful Widgets Pro version 5.7.6. The problems seem similar, but they happened months apart.

    Business Calendar Pro: I had a 3x3 widget running displaying my Agenda. The widget disappeared two or three months ago.
    I went through the standard drill to make a replacement:
    - Long-press on the home screen.
    - Select Apps and Widgets
    - Pick the appropriate Business Calendar Pro widget and drag it back to the home screen.
    - Customize the widget by selecting calendars.
    - Touch the Save icon.
    No widget appeared. I retried these steps to see if I had made an error that I could spot. No luck.
    I let this go because it was pretty easy to put an app icon on that screen to display my Agenda on demand.

    Beautiful Widgets Pro:
    BW was running just fine, displaying a Clock + Weather widget that had been in place for more than a year. Then I let curiosity get the better of me and I booted my phone into Safe Mode. I took a quick look around to see what apps were available there and then I rebooted back to Regular Mode.

    Wow! I quickly learned that I had made my phone forget a lot of things that it used to know. Among the casualties was ALL of my widgets had disappeared.
    BW still remembered my widgets at this point even if it could not display them.
    I uninstalled/reinstalled BW. Of course this wiped out all of my widgets and downloaded themes.
    I downloaded some BW clock themes and built a 4X2 CLOCK widget by repeating the standard drill outlined above for Business Calendar. Unfortunately I repeated the results, too - no widget.

    What the heck?:
    - I can't blame the Safe Mode fiasco because BC disappeared before that.
    - Both of the products (BC and BW) will go through their widget building routines without reporting any problems or acting weird, but neither of them produces a visible widget.
    - Both of the products will remember widgets they built and will allow editing of the widgets after they're built.
    - Other widgets ARE DISPLAYING:
    --- Rain Alarm Pro version 4.1.13.
    --- Tasker 1X1 task widgets.

    I hope that somebody recognizes this weirdness and can help me get my widgets working again.
    08-16-2016 03:26 PM
  2. Jim Biddle's Avatar
    Same issues, any resolve?
    09-13-2016 12:46 PM

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