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    My S4 while firmware upgrade, had a message "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue."
    So I found a solution in this forum to use "[GUIDE] Force Samsung Emergency Recovering with Samsung Kies"
    and when i got to starting Kies, it said that it was updated with Smart Switch. (am using a Mac)

    after putting my samsung into download mode, Kies still could not recognise my S4. also, the window of my Kies looked without the options of "Tools", et. al.
    Samsung S4 hung during firmware upgrade, Kies3 doesn't recognise-screenshot-2016-08-23-12.24.39.png

    i have uninstalled and installed Kies3 several times, and it comes up the same.
    my phone is stuck on "firmware upgrade encountered an issue"... but Kies does not recognise it.
    1. how do I get the correct window of Kies that is stated in the [GUIDE] to eventually make my phone work, and/or:
    2. What else can I do?


    08-23-2016 12:12 AM

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