1. Mada Doux's Avatar
    Hello there i'm facing a strange problem with my s4
    from 1 weak my phone shut down randomly and won't turn back on [battery was 10%]
    after this someone told me this a software problem and we will fix it for you he put it around 2 hours on the charger and this didn't work and told me go to a hardware technician
    this technician put a non-compatible battery and the phone boots up ! but with 5 compatible new batteries it didn't boot up !!!!

    Ok i bought compatible "lucky battery" and the phone works well and charging for 2 -3 days
    again the phone reached 10% and never want to charge or boot up again

    How can i charge this battery without phone ;
    i bought an external battery charger and i can't know whether it works or not because phone can't boot up
    only it shows "samsung" and die again and only make this effect when only removing and adding the battery again !!!
    it can't boot up at all or charge

    our local technicians can't solve this problem neither i !

    please help me .
    phone :: S4 4G
    rooted ,
    cyanogenmod lasted ,
    09-07-2016 08:20 AM
  2. ICUDeadNaw's Avatar
    I'm not entirely sure since I've never experienced something like this before but this COULD be an issue with your firmware, in which case you can go to any Samsung Firmware website and download the Official firmware for your device and flash it via Odin.

    If its an issue with your battery then maybe you're just really really unlucky and all the batteries you tried turned out to be faulty. You could shop for a battery specific to your phone online. Maybe that'll do the magic.

    And if its an hardware issue, then well, I'd suggest taking your phone to an Authorized Samsung Service Centre
    09-07-2016 01:59 PM
  3. Mada Doux's Avatar
    thank you ICUDEADNAW but how can i make a new firmware and te phone never boots
    i will go tommorow to an authorized samsung but i'm delaying this action because they are so slow fixing client's devices Here in my city
    09-07-2016 07:21 PM

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