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    My wife only uses a smartphone occasionally and until recently had a fairly old and puny LG that she bought as part of a "package" when she began using Tracfone.

    It bricked about a week ago.

    She wanted another Tracfone because she liked the economy and the rollover. So I bought her a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Swappa that was listed as a Tracfone. Turns out is was and it wasn't. Samsung manufactured it as a Tracfone but it was "locked" to Straight Talk(a subsidiary of Tracfone).

    Long and short of it was she couldn't use it as a Tracfone nor resume using her minutes and so forth. DAMHIKT.

    In the 6-8 hour process of trying to activate it as a Tracfone we bought a BYOP Tracfone activation kit that included a number of sims...one of which was specifically labeled as being for "AT&T compatible or unlocked GSM" phones. That's the one the sales clerk put into the S4.

    So with all that in mind...I have two questions:

    1) if I buy another S4 that has been used with AT&T can it have the sim replaced and work with Tracfone? The activation kit suggest "yes."

    2) if I put the sim that I used to try to activate the original S4 I bought, will it work in the new one if the new one is unlocked or AT&T, or was it altered or "damaged" by the attempted activation? do I need a new activation kit, IOW?
    10-09-2016 07:16 AM

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