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    Hi all,

    I have a used Galaxy S4 that my husband bought for me off of eBay. It came with an unofficial charger (a wall charger with a very annoyingly bright blue light) that quickly puckered out after about a month of charging use (during the day when needed and at night when sleeping). We bought a USB cord from Walmart and had a USB power block, but apparently this phone is a charger killer, as I've gone through probably 4-5 cords since July (wall and USB). We now have one wall cord that does a slow charge on my phone (says "for faster charging, use original charger," same as with the charger it came with from eBay) but I primarily use that cord for when I'm sleeping as I obviously am not going to mind a slower charge when I'm not even using the phone

    However, up until this morning, my husband's and my (2 different) USB cord chargers were working just fine with the phone. They will charge my husband's phone and our son's tablet, but not my phone (not when plugged in to a power block and plugged into the wall OR when plugged via USB into a computer). Nothing happens when the phone is connected to charge via USB, but the lovely little wall plug with the slow charge works just fine. I have cleaned the charging port (which I'm not sure why that's necessary as the slow charger works just fine with it) and am unsure what to do besides try yet another cord (although I'd have to get that from eBay or Amazon as the cheapy Walmart cords no longer work with my phone). I do not bend the cords or keep them in my pocket, and as previously stated, they charge other Android devices except mine. We did encounter a slight bit of water damage about a month ago that prevented charging until everything was dried out, but it wasn't enough to really impact anything and it has been away from water ever since, and as previously stated, USB cords worked just fine until last night.

    Any suggestions where to get a decent cord? Or how to fix the non-charging-on-USB issue?
    11-02-2016 10:51 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! How's the battery life? If the battery drains pretty quickly, it might be failing -- try a new one.

    Water damage can be insidious and unpredictable, so it's possible corrosion has developed in one of the charging circuits.

    Also, Samsung devices can sometimes be very picky when it comes to which charger you use. Try to find an official OEM Samsung S4 charger. You could try bringing it to your local Best Buy and ask the Samsung rep there to test it out using one of their chargers.
    11-03-2016 11:36 AM

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