1. Rikku Watro's Avatar
    Almost 3 years ago, I've had a charging issue with one of my S4's. It said "battery disconnected" and didn't charge, no matter what charger I used. A few hours later, the chargers worked.

    However, the same issue happened again today. My S4 is currently saying "battery disconnected" whenever I try to plug it to any charger. It charges when I plug it without the battery cover on, so the battery cover seems to be preventing the charger from supplying electricity to the phone. Please help!
    03-04-2017 04:18 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Hmm, if you are charging via the usb cable, the juice should be getting unimpeded regardless of back cover.
    Take back off, plug in charger, gently wriggle the battery while watching if it's charging. If it doesn't get intermittent, then gently wriggle the plug.. This should rule out /narrow down any mechanical issues with battery or usb socket. Assuming you tried several cables and they all do this.
    If these steps make no interruptions to charging, then grab a cotton tip or some plastic object, and gently press around the area where the cover touches. If some part has a dodgy solder joint or connection, you will locate the area at least. If you do, at this stage I'd take it to a repair shop to fix...
    03-04-2017 05:54 AM

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