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    My phone's been working all day yesterday with no problem. I was reading some stuff on Chrome when some apps started updating and suddenly my phone started a reboot cycle over and over and over and wouldn't stop or go past the logo screen.
    Taking out the battery worked once or twice and the phone turned on for like 30 sec. I tried charging it, it said it had 69% battery (which is weird since I had about 80-90% when I was reading but whatever, haunted batteries), turned on for about a minute, then the screen froze as I was going through my settings and started the reboot cycle again. Removing the battery no longer helped. It wouldn't boot at all. So I left it all night turned off.
    This morning it turned on for maybe about 5 min, I could use it no problem and bam. Freeze, reboot, repeat. Won't turn on anymore. Can't load safe mode or anything. The screen goes wonky grayish or green when I try to press down on my volume pad. Just stays on that stupid logo screen foreeeeeever.
    Please help ):

    Idk if it's worth mentioning btw but my phone is about 3 years old, it's restarted itself maybe 5-10 times since I've owned it, but it's always been 1 restart and then worked perfectly fine after.
    I clear my cache everyday a few times with an app.
    I've been having some "phone has stopped working" and "nfc has stopped working" pop ups show up from time to time the last week but that's about it. Other than that it's had no issues.

    Update: it's not my battery. I just bought a new one, it's still rebooting....I can't even factory reset it...
    10-12-2017 04:42 AM

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