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    Hello everyone.
    So a yellow speaker or buttefly-like icon appeared on my Galaxy S4 I9515 phone left screen side. No matter what I open it`s still there. The icon is like 50% transparent, but still annoying. I already uninstalled any suspicious Apps i had installed and scanned the phone with 2 different antivirus apps. Still the icon is there. I really don`t want to Factory reset my phone (lots of important things I don`t want to lose).
    Photos were taken by my camera, because icon didn`t appear on screenshots, so it`s on a different layer or something.
    Is this some kind of system glitch or virus? Please help guys!Yellow Icon appeared on the left side of screen-img_9918.jpg
    Yellow Icon appeared on the left side of screen-img_9921.jpg
    Yellow Icon appeared on the left side of screen-img_9917.jpg
    12-25-2017 02:42 PM

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