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    I read in forum posts about adding "dun" to the "APN type" setting of you APN profile. I have one APN profile and all settings are greyed out. I can add a new one and set it up the same as "read only" profile and select it which I assume make it default profile.

    It is normal to have read only APN profile? I don't see it mentioned in forum much what causes it to be read only?

    Do you need to reboot phone when you swap APN profiles or does it activate immediately?

    Is there a way to backup my user defined APN profile?
    Sometime back when I changed carrier resellers the new carrier reseller support tech sent me sms that tweaked the MMS setup (it had incorrect config). Is that an APN profile or something else they send via sms. I am just wondering if carrier tech will modify original or the current selected profile should I have a similar change at some future time.
    AOS 5.0.1 Galaxy S4
    01-16-2019 06:31 AM

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