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    Phone tries to boot up when batt installed then dies.
    Power switch (hot side) reads 2.5 ohms to ground, open. Switch action confirmed by pulling circuit to ground when closed.
    10-03-2019 08:07 PM
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    10-03-2019 08:08 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    I don't have a working S4, so I can't confirm that reading for you, but what's the battery voltage (at the terminals) when it's in the phone, and the phone has switched off? (If that's the original battery, it's probably pretty well shot by now.)

    Charge it for 3-4 hours, then measure it in-circuit with the power "on". (If you have a scope, watch it as you turn it on - does it rise then sink like a rock?)
    10-04-2019 01:03 PM
  4. Okiedog63's Avatar
    Used new, charged battery and performed fast min/max capture with Fluke 187, but no appreciable voltage drop at battery. Would like to check open voltage across switch. I could tack a couple of peices of Kynar wire on the pads, but really don't want to solder on it with what I've got at home. The shop has a Pace rework station and oil filled binocular microscope...and a work load that kills any chance of using it on a phone.
    10-08-2019 02:08 AM

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