1. xmostwanted559x's Avatar
    Will S5 cases come out earlier than phones so people get them ahead of time

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    03-02-2014 10:50 PM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    A few case manufacturers, like Spigen, do release them ahead of time. I'm sure there will be plenty of choices prior to release date

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    03-02-2014 11:35 PM
  3. Raptor007's Avatar
    Spigen has a lot of cases on pre-order already on Amazon, I got mine already on order.
    03-07-2014 09:54 PM
  4. Shawn_Dalwin's Avatar
    yes companies like zerolemon too make there accessories earlier
    03-27-2014 12:28 PM
  5. Shawn_Dalwin's Avatar
    See below your compatible zerolemon product...
    1. Slim armor TPU slim case
    2. Razor armor tpu/pc case.
    3. Protector rugged tpu/pc case,
    4. Slim armor Tricell TPU case for extend battery.
    5. Galaxy S5 TPU case for extend battery.
    6. Dualcell 6300mah Galaxy S5 extend battery.
    7. HD clear screen protector.
    I’ve heard Zerolemon is making razor armor case for the first time! can’t wait to see it!
    03-30-2014 01:33 PM
  6. james lee12's Avatar
    03-31-2014 01:23 AM
  7. Thegreatone3's Avatar
    Spigen has a lot of cases on pre-order already on Amazon, I got mine already on order.
    Going with the Neo Hybrid. 👍

    [METALLIZED BUTTONS] Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Protective [Neo ... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3UWHFA/...cUvbUpU3546294

    Sent from my HTC One
    03-31-2014 08:22 AM
  8. Tatichina Brown's Avatar
    I Want this PHone .
    11-24-2014 12:48 PM

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