01-29-2016 11:11 AM
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  1. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    It works every time for me.
    12-07-2014 08:43 PM
  2. BigBashar's Avatar
    I need a good minimalistic case that doesn't block the exterior of the S5
    12-10-2014 11:01 AM
  3. drchimrichalds's Avatar
    man... finding a case is quite tedious when we are particular about its features and easy access.
    12-10-2014 05:56 PM
  4. kaicho's Avatar
    Wow..lots of comments.. I currently have Spigen Slim Armor. Used Outer Defender until last week... too large for my everyday office use.

    Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
    12-11-2014 07:12 PM
  5. roaduardo1's Avatar
    I've always tried to find the slimmest case possible unless I'll be working in a touch environment then it's all otterbox for me.
    12-19-2014 02:54 AM
  6. Allenhardiman's Avatar
    Do you guys have any recommendation for a soft silicone rubber case?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-21-2014 10:58 PM
  7. archer23's Avatar
    Used a Neo-Hybrid from Spigen for a while (about 6 months) then got the Magpul case today. Wow, I regret waiting so long to get it. The Magpul case has a much better grip, seems thinner and lighter. It is amazing.
    12-28-2014 09:01 PM
  8. My Android sucks's Avatar
    I've been using the Spigen Tough Armor (gun metal grey) since October 2014 and it's performed flawlessly. 5/5

    And such a good price, all I hope to get now is one of those Spigen screen protectors.. But can't bring myself to pay £30/$40 for a screen protector..
    02-10-2015 06:02 AM
  9. CEKarpo's Avatar
    Either Blade-Tech Phone Case or Magpul Field Case. Both are minimalist cases, high quality, form fitting with excellent impact protection, and made in the USA. Pair up with a glass screen protector and you are good to go.
    02-12-2015 02:55 AM
  10. Josh Nesbit's Avatar
    What do people think about the candyshell cases for s5? I have a white one and a cruzerlite bugdroid sitting in my amazon basket but cant make my mind up! have a defender on at the moment but way too bulky that was a waste of 50euro

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-28-2015 04:32 AM
  11. debdroid1a's Avatar
    I've been using an Incipio Pro rubberized case since a few days after release date. It's thick. Since I'm pretty good with my phone (no kids), decided to try the Spigen Slim Armor. My phone is white (what they had left), so I got the white with black edging case. I love the look. A bit slick, but I'm getting use to it.

    Posted via Android Central App
    Attached Thumbnails Best Galaxy S5 Cases-20150228_055218-1.jpg  
    vrcounselor likes this.
    02-28-2015 07:51 AM
  12. Rockdog97's Avatar
    I"m thinking of the Spigen Tough Armor View.. that looks pretty slick. Anyone try this one?
    03-16-2015 06:20 PM
  13. Rockdog97's Avatar
    That's the one I was talking about. This looks just awesome to me..
    03-16-2015 06:21 PM
  14. AXEL314's Avatar
    That's the one I was talking about. This looks just awesome to me..
    ... this is what I imagine what Batman uses o_o

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-18-2015 12:08 AM
  15. Edwin Waldner's Avatar
    As my friend has said so far the case looks great. The back layer appears to be real wood & I have gotten compliments on a daily basis from people when I pull my phone out. It protects the phone very well for a case that is as thin as it is (it's pretty thin, which is a mother plus), I also really enjoy it.
    Best Galaxy S5 Cases-945622b6ec1dff88b33c6def105c5a8c.jpg
    pchrist11 likes this.
    05-20-2015 08:10 PM
  16. Dajun Chou's Avatar
    Spigen makes a lot of cellphone cases. Is it a Korean brand?
    05-27-2015 04:47 AM
  17. Ianiehaus's Avatar
    This is the case I got, mainly because it has a slot of a lanyard/wrist strap
    Attachment 109672
    What brand is.it and where can i find one?
    06-29-2015 10:29 PM
  18. smooth4lyfe's Avatar
    What brand is.it and where can i find one?
    Wow this is a while ago... I think it was a Spigen Ultra Hybrid

    Sent from my Asus Zenphone 2!
    06-29-2015 11:23 PM
  19. Shadowhawk's Avatar
    I found the phone too slick for me, but I hate adding bulk to my phones.

    I spent about an hour in a Best Buy back when I got my phone, just trying on different cases.

    This was the winner compromising between bulk and grip:

    I've had it for about 9 months. A few of the rubbery strips have come off through wear and tear, but I would totally buy it again.

    Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
    07-12-2015 02:02 PM
  20. yyy999deba's Avatar
    Someone recommended this Slim Armor Case to my wife. And it really good.
    07-13-2015 02:15 AM
  21. brandon long3's Avatar
    nice thanks for all the cases and recommendations
    07-14-2015 05:33 PM
  22. debdroid1a's Avatar
    There's a few today on Prime Sale. I ordered the wallet one here, it matches the one I got for my Samsung tablet which I originally bought because I had a green/teal cover for my S5. I like the chain on this. With my Gear 2 Neo watch I don't need to look at the screen all day for notifications. And I'm hoping it will stay up better at the laundry mat while watching Netflix.

    Best Galaxy S5 Cases-715oetk3dol._sl1000_.jpg
    07-15-2015 12:51 PM
  23. cody2hammerc's Avatar
    I know I will get a lot of grief from this, because their android cases haven't been that good in the past, but I actually like the S5 case. The only thing I don't like is the sound quality. The case is great. I usually like the protection from the lifeproof/otterbox cases, but the lifeproof has a much slimline profile.
    08-16-2015 10:39 PM
  24. scipper77's Avatar
    Thought I would add my two cents.

    First case I had was the Spigen Neo Hybrid. Looks and protection were both fantastic. It felt terrible in the hand however because it was square like an iPhone 4/5 and the bezel broke after a year and a half which is common with this case on many phones it is made for.

    I now use a Ringke slim. Less protection because it's a slim fit case but perfect in every other way. Cheap ($10 on Amazon) looks great, feels fantastic in the hand, and has a nice grippy surface. I highly recommend this one if you are not someone who is hard on devices.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-29-2016 09:14 AM
  25. Jims S5's Avatar
    Love my Spigen Slim Armor
    01-29-2016 11:11 AM
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