06-11-2015 10:46 PM
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  1. deke40's Avatar
    Zagg ISG for me.

    Also bought a $14 stylus and lost it second day. My daughter was getting me the Toddy cleaning cloths (5×7) for .99 cents and found 12 pen/stylus for $10.

    If somebody didn't tell you the Zagg ISG was on there you wouldn't know it. My Otterbox Defender came with a screen protector but I liked the Zagg they put on my wife's so well I had them replace it with the Zagg.

    I think I am going to get one on my S4 Tablet.
    09-04-2014 05:34 PM
  2. motor51's Avatar
    I have purchased the ballistic glass from tech armor and it has started coming off. I have tried to contact them via email, phone, and filled out the replacement info. This has been going on for almost a week and a half and can't get anyone to respond or contact me back. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get them to contact me? The number I call goes to their answering service and they send tech armor an email.
    Just an update it anyone is interested.... got an email back and they are taking care of the matter. Just wanted to update as to not just leave a negative comment after it was addressed.
    09-06-2014 01:33 PM
  3. photoman333's Avatar
    Just an update it anyone is interested.... got an email back and they are taking care of the matter. Just wanted to update as to not just leave a negative comment after it was addressed.
    Thanks for doing that. My experience with Tech Armor support was excellent.
    09-10-2014 08:53 AM
  4. dranreb dela road's Avatar
    i have some questions...

    when an S5 with a tempered glass protector gets in the water or gets wet, will the tempered glass bump off?

    thanks.. just wondering coz I am planning on buying tempered glass...
    10-14-2014 01:17 AM
  5. sdardoin's Avatar
    I have been using the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass for about 2 weeks now and I love it... this glass is better that the one that comes on the phone! I cant stand finger prints or smudges and this thing never shows either... highly recommend, if not for the protection, just for the clarity.
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    10-14-2014 01:57 PM
  6. photoman333's Avatar
    i have some questions...

    when an S5 with a tempered glass protector gets in the water or gets wet, will the tempered glass bump off?

    thanks.. just wondering coz I am planning on buying tempered glass...
    If you don't get an answer it's because few of us like to do those kind of experiments on a $600 phone.
    10-15-2014 05:51 AM
  7. cicilai2008's Avatar
    I got the same confusion as yours
    10-22-2014 09:29 PM
  8. bogdaryl's Avatar
    I still really like my Zagg glass!

    Posted via Android Central App
    10-23-2014 08:31 PM
  9. StevenBaker's Avatar
    If you want protection for your Galaxy S 5, than the Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the best. This display protector is made of shatter-proof glass, comes with a smudge-proof coating, and application is a snap. The end result is a crystal clear view of your screen - without the hassle of bubbles or dust getting in the way.
    11-11-2014 12:43 AM
  10. twoleary's Avatar
    S5 Verizon since like June 2014
    IMO YES. I tried the film ones but there were bubbles. I actually cracked one of the glass ones already! It was a hairline. I think the screen was not properly installed (by me). It was replaced by manufacturer under warranty. I also installed one carelessly and removed and reinstalled it a few times, but ultimately had to throw that one away and try again. Now the protector is on there properly; no bubbles, no scratches; totally transparent. I drop my phone often, and also am insured but have a cheap rubber protector (about $10 on eBay. I do not want to go thru the BS of gettong it replaced/repaired by Verizon if I can avoid it.And am using AMZER shields.
    11-13-2014 08:08 AM
  11. StevenBaker's Avatar
    If you are purchasing a tempered glass screen guard, it can make sense to invest a little cash and choose the a little bit costly ones. In no specific purchase, my suggestions will be following centered on various reviews all over the internet:
    Zagg InvisibleShield,
    Spigen Glas.t, or
    Armorz Stealth Extreme R.
    11-14-2014 02:13 AM
  12. photoman333's Avatar
    The Zagg attracts finger smudges - I threw mine away. I've tried a few and the Tech Armor is the best - you rarely have to wipe finger smudges off of it.
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    11-15-2014 05:22 AM
  13. griffin_1's Avatar
    Zagg Glass or tech armor tempered glass? I have read good things about zagg, but others not so great like attracting finger smudges like photoman333 said, and its a bit more expensive ( 7$ more compared with the tech armor, with shipping).
    They both have lifetime warranty, but i don't know how the warranty works or how much they end up charging with the shipping.
    11-20-2014 11:31 AM
  14. photoman333's Avatar
    Zagg Glass or tech armor tempered glass?
    No one can give you a useful answer except folks who have used both. You should specify that in your question.
    11-22-2014 07:34 AM
  15. griffin_1's Avatar
    That would indeed give a better answer to the question i wrote, but what i meant was to see a bit more feedback on the owners of each and if they are satisfied with them. The zagg seems to be more popular, but is the one that is a bit more expensive at 7$ more.
    I contacted both to see if they would tell me what the costs would be to use the warranty to my country, but they didn't specify, zagg only said that only when i used the warranty they would be able to tell me and tech armor didn't really answer my question and the way they wrote the mail actually made it look like it would only replace it due to installation problems or scratches, thats what i got from the email. So zagg seems to have a better warranty, however they don't specify the costs and it would probably would end up costing me as much as a new one from other brand =/

    But overall, i would mostly like to know from people that have one or the other if the screen protector interferes with the fingerprint sensor (since it would make the button more even with the screen, i don't know if it would make the fingerprint scanner even more awkward to use), and if there were any issues using a case (i know, it depends on the case but also the screen protector could cover more or less the glass)?
    11-22-2014 02:22 PM
  16. montanaxvi's Avatar
    Just put the Tech Armor ballistic glass on my S5 tonight. I'm a huge fan of PhantomSkinz and had their regular screen protector on my phone since I bought it but recently got a corner peeled so I ripped it off and ordered the Tech Armor ballistic glass and I love it so far. I love the way my finger glides across the screen. The only MINOR complaint so far is the area where the home button is. With my old PhantomSkinz protector it was almost level with the button, the Tech Armor glass is a bit higher so the button feels slightly recessed. Not a real issue and I'm sure I'll get used to it.
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    11-25-2014 01:34 AM
  17. WelDun1's Avatar
    i put a ding on the one that came on the phone so i went and bought a glass case, and guess what??? it shattered in 2 days! i did drop it, well actually it slid off my bed because the charger cable drug it down, but it was only fro about 1ft and i was expecting them to be a little bit tougher than that. Well thats the negatives, the positives were that it was/is very smooth to the touch and wasnt even noticeable.
    i just thought id share with you... they def arent indestructable! worth the $35? id say it was cuz that couldve been my screen that shattered i guess?!
    12-30-2014 04:50 PM
  18. DIMIK K's Avatar
    Does anyone of you know if there is a tempered glass screen protector for the S5 which only has small cut-out holes for the home button, front cam, and front speaker, and not these typical unnecessarily big cut-out rectangles on the top and bottom? I want all of my screen protected if possible, not just 95% of it.
    01-13-2015 03:35 PM
  19. ingogo's Avatar
    I installed glass4m protector for my s5. cheap price high quality.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    01-22-2015 08:45 AM
  20. John Hosten's Avatar
    Quick question -

    So the Tech Armor seems like a great deal at 7 dollars (I'd post amazon link, but I don't have enough activity on here).

    My question - it seems like I cannot find a straight answer.

    The Tech Armor Ballistic glass - is this even tempered glass or is it PET? (which is a type of plastic)? I want a tempered glass and it seems like in this price range the most recommended is luvvitt or TA.

    The luvvitt says "tempered glass 9H" which is what I'm looking for - the TA one just says "ballistic glass" but nothing about it being 9H or tempered glass.

    I was going with TA since this price is great, however I want to make sure it's actually glass (vs PET). Am I missing something here? Thoughts from anyone who knows?
    01-26-2015 03:19 PM
  21. Krack-Berri's Avatar
    I recently started buying temepred glass protectors and replaced all my devices which previously had a normal screen protector on. feels much better and screen resolution is as perfect as without any thing on
    01-26-2015 08:07 PM
  22. Krack-Berri's Avatar
    01-26-2015 08:07 PM
  23. bajamorde's Avatar
    With gorila glas 2 dont need protectors.
    02-04-2015 04:00 PM
  24. photoman333's Avatar
    But you do need to carry around a cloth to wipe off the smudges that the gorilla glass sucks off of your fingers like a vacuum cleaner.
    02-05-2015 06:11 AM
  25. montanaxvi's Avatar
    Had the Tech Armor ballistic glass installed and loved it. Smudges were non existent and didn't have a scratch on it. The only problem I had was the top left corner started to come off and I had some dust and debris from my sloppy install so I picked up another one and did a clean install tonight and I'm having the top left corner not making full contact, almost like my screen isn't level with the top left corner being just a hair recessed. Anyone with glass on their S5 run into anything like this? The first one didn't have this problem when I installed it so I'm thinking my screen have actually gotten pushed in somehow.
    02-06-2015 10:57 PM
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