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    Has anyone purchased one of the OTG - SD - USB 3 port hubs that are square shaped like the ones on amazon?

    So, I needed a hub that could interface my devices for my S5, and also provide charging power at the same time.

    Using the built in output cable from the hub to the phone, the phone powers the hub and the devices. Everything works fine. This thing has a 5V adapter input. Plugging in the adapter will power the LED on the hub, but when the phone is connected.....it does not charge....and the 300mA dongle I run starts to drain the battery of the phone as normal......sooooo what is the point in this 5V input? If I use my samsung data cable instead of the hub's built in cable and plug into a usb port.......With the adapter plugged in........it will charge.......but it will not see my usb device. If I unplug the adapter......the phone powers the USB device and will see it.

    Anyone else used one of these? Its not bad for a hub, but what is the point if it can not power itself? why even have an adapter input. I know its not a flaw or short because other youtube vids show the same thing.

    Furthermore, does anyone have a multi USB hub that powers itself, its devices... and charges?
    10-10-2014 12:35 PM

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