1. dstone8484's Avatar
    I have heard that a case for the Galaxy S5 Sport is unnecessary, is that true? I fact I am having a hard time finding a case to fit the S5 sport? I was looking at the verus thor but I don't believe it will work with the S5 sport? Does anyone know any good cases for the S5 sport?
    12-03-2014 08:53 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Does a phone need a case? If you never drop it or put it where it can get wet or dirty, no. But the way I look at it, a TPU case is cheap insurance. Any TPU case, whether it comes with an easel, a holster or just the case. TPU takes up the shock, it's water resistant and you can take the case off the phone and use a cleaner on it (or replace it for a few dollars). I have insurance on my car too, even though I don't intend to hit anyone.
    12-04-2014 12:55 AM
  3. Todd_S's Avatar
    Is the Sport the same thing as the S5 Active? I have the Active, and I had trouble finding a case. I settled on a glass screen protector (which I love) and a bumper case that goes around the outside of the phone, but doesn't cover the front or back. Only downside is not all of my line adapters fit into the headphone jack now; but I have a Bluetooth device on the way to address that.

    The bumper case basically acts as a shock absorber when I drop it.
    12-09-2014 11:49 AM
  4. Luis Bryan Corona's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport As Well And This Cover(Body Glove) Has Been On My Phone For About 7 TO 9 Months And It's Worked Like A Charm The Only Down Fall Is I Feel It A Bit Too Big In My Pants Pocket But If I'm Not Mistaken Their Is A Carrying Case Similar To This One To Attach To Your Side... The Only Thing Is I Don't Exactly Remember Where I Bought It, But Im 90% Sure The Store/Provider Where You Bought Your Phone Has To Have One, Hope This Helps & FYI My Phones Fell Well Over 100 Times (very clumsy indeed i know) No Joke And It's Still Like New Other Than Cleaning The Screen From Smudges Here And There Of Course.

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    Attached Thumbnails Does my Galaxy S5 Sport Need a Case-20150707_063634.jpg   Does my Galaxy S5 Sport Need a Case-20150707_063626.jpg  
    07-07-2015 08:44 AM

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