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    I have two issues with my S-View leather cover for my S5. First, after a couple of days, my phone started lagging. I noticed that since it has two contacts for the phone, maybe it was causing my brand-new S5 to slow/lock. Would notice this mostly when accessing the keyboard. Very long lag time before the keyboard would appear (when tapping a field for gmail, an online form, etc.). Eventually, only a battery pull would fix it, and then for only a day or two. I also uninstalled all of my apps that I had installed since installing the S-View, to make sure the lag wasn't due to adding a bad app. Still, the lag/lock was there after about a day. So, I stopped using it. After a reboot, the phone worked fine. So, I exchanged my S-View at the Sprint store (got it via in-store credit), and it worked fine. For about two days.

    Decided to stop using the new S-View cover. Worked great for a day, then got the notice to OTA upgrade to 4.4.4, and the phone has worked flawlessly since then. Decided to go a full week w/out the S-View cover (after the 4.4.4 upgrade) to see if any lagging/locking issues arose. No issues. I picked up a Ringke slim case in the meantime (needed some protection), but am going to give the S-View cover one more chance before heading back to the Sprint store.

    Has anyone had a lagging/locking issue with the S-View cover?

    Also, and this might be my biggest complaint about the S-View cover -- when flipped over completely, you can take flash photos, but you get a bounce-back effect from the clear window cover, adding a blue hue to every shot. Works fine if you don't use the flash, but I use a flash all of the time. I know you can take pictures through the S-View, but they are squared, not a regular 16x9 type of image. That also won't work. Can you change the S-View photo-taking settings so that it takes a full image?

    Has anyone had the bounce-back issue when using a flash (with the cover pulled all the way open against the back)?

    UPDATE: The laptop/locking issue seems to have been resolved by the 4.4.4 OTA update. Still, two questions: Can you change the S-View photo-taking settings so that it takes a full image (rather than the square one)? Second question: Has anyone else had a bounce-back issue when using the flash through the plastic S-View window?
    01-07-2015 02:38 PM

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