1. XeresDan's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    I need some help. Anyone nice to help me please?

    I have 3 devices:
    1- Cell phone: Samsung Galaxy S5, running Android 5.0
    2- Watch: U8 Smart watch
    3- Wireless headset: Motorola H730

    I want to see caller's number on my watch and answer with my headset. I read on some forums that it's possible, but I can't do it. I can pair 2 devices at the same time, but never all 3. I also read about some applications, but they are not anymore on Google Play.

    I need "step-by-step" instructions, not only "Yes it's possible" or other bad jokes or trolling. I need somebody to teach me, or send me links to tutorial, guide, instructions, whatever the term used, you know what I mean.

    It would be really nice. Please.

    Thank you!
    09-27-2015 03:57 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! That's not an Android Wear watch, so it may be that the watch is connecting to the phone via Bluetooth for both Media Audio and Phone Audio. If that's the case, that will prevent any other device from connecting for either of those Bluetooth functions (and this means you can't use your headset to listen to Phone Audio--i.e., you can't use it for calls).

    To try to achieve what you're asking, go to Settings>Bluetooth on your phone, tap the U8 entry's settings icon, and uncheck Phone Audio (if it's present). Then try to connect your headset, tap its Bluetooth setting icon, and make sure Phone Audio is checked on. Now see if it works.
    09-27-2015 05:53 PM
  3. priya9898's Avatar
    I already have samsung EO-HS330 earphone, that's good.
    10-07-2015 05:12 AM
  4. seanyboi1983's Avatar
    Press and hold the bluetooth button and you may see a cog icon. Tap that and you should see check boxes for your devices. You may be able to select/deselect as needed. Hope its what you meant and it helps a bit?
    10-18-2015 08:51 AM

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