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    Does anyone know of a decent case for the s5 to block emissions out the back (or front if a flip case) of a phone only?

    All the ones I can find are about directing it away from your head whole making calls, but I am looking for something to block when it is in my pocket, eg block emissions out the back of my phone and keep that side against my leg but still get phone signal from the screen side. My phone spends most of its time either in my pocket, or being used to text, use the Internet, watch films, etc and not much actually making calls.

    And yes, I know a lot of people will think it's unnecessary, but I am looking to try it and see if it makes a difference to the pains I get in my leg which appear to switch legs depending on which pocket my phone is in for an extended time.

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    10-28-2015 03:52 AM

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