1. racrgrl's Avatar
    Just bought my husband a s5 active, phone seems to be in great shape except battery is draining extremely fast. Could it be that I just need to buy a new battery. If so can anyone recommend a good one. Thank you in advanced
    04-12-2015 08:28 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Do you know how old the phone is? The battery certainly could be failing. Any replacement battery should be fine, but to be safe, stick with reliable brands like Anker, Seidio, or Zerolemon. Of course, a genuine Samsung battery would be safest, but not absolutely necessary.
    04-13-2015 02:15 AM
  3. racrgrl's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply, not sure on how old the phone is. I will try one of those brands on amazon. Thank you very much
    B. Diddy likes this.
    04-13-2015 09:07 AM
  4. zr2s10's Avatar
    I would go under "Battery" in settings toward the end of the day, and see what it says first. You may have an app that you don't realize is using a ton of juice. After the last System update, first Facebook Messenger, and then Facebook itself both started to drain my battery like crazy. I uninstalled, and reinstalled both and the problem went away.

    Basically, if anything other than "Android System", "Android OS", or "Screen" are the top users of battery, that app is probably running in the background and needs removed and reinstalled. If this isn't the case, then yes, you may need a new battery.
    04-13-2015 11:53 AM
  5. racrgrl's Avatar
    this morning I took the phone off the charger and literally walked in the other room to look on computer and looked down at phone and it went from 100% to 80%. Never seen that before out of any phone, I'm just hoping I didnt buy a junk phone and its just the battery, cause my husband will never let me hear the end of it.
    04-13-2015 01:05 PM
  6. zr2s10's Avatar
    Yikes! That's almost definitely the battery. Hit up Amazon or eBay. You could try a local AT&T store, but you'll pay more, and they probably won't stock it anyway. Even if you had bought it new, I don't think they would've covered the battery anyway. When I was on Verizon, they wouldn't cover my S3 for that. Luckily the battery for those was only $12 by the time I needed it. Good luck, hope a battery fixes it. And no, I wouldn't let my wife hear the end of it either, because that works both ways, lol. I get crap over stuff I can't even remember anymore!
    04-16-2015 11:50 AM
  7. racrgrl's Avatar
    Haha thanks for your input, I ordered one from eBay yesterday
    04-16-2015 01:12 PM
  8. whatsitsname's Avatar
    Haha thanks for your input, I ordered one from eBay yesterday
    No to eBay. Get the Anker battery from Amazon
    04-20-2015 04:30 PM
  9. racrgrl's Avatar
    Well I bought the new battery, bought a oem samsung, the phone did good for a couple days and bow going dead in like 2 hrs, starting to think I bought someone else's junk
    04-24-2015 06:02 PM
  10. zr2s10's Avatar
    That sucks. Did you check in "battery" under settings, like i suggested above? If there is a rogue app sucking juice, it will show up here. If nothing else, you can also try a factory reset, if it's a software issue, it would clear the problem out. Hardware would be a different problem, and have to be physically fixed by a repair place, and you may be better off buying another phone...
    04-27-2015 11:28 AM
  11. racrgrl's Avatar
    I did notice Facebook messenger was using a lot of data, I bet that could be part of the problem. When he gets home I will delete it and Facebook and start over, thanks so much for all your replies
    04-27-2015 09:18 PM

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