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    I was trying to root my S5 Active G870A (Android 5.0) Galaxy Phone because I had so many built-in apps killing my phone that I didnt need & when I did updates in the app store I'd always have to disable them again. And some couldnt be disabled & it was killing my battery & CPU etc. Anywho, I tried to root my phone using Odin TowelRoot, and somehow it got stuck on the Samsung Logo (restart page) and would not start up. ANywho I've done all the options on the reboot menut "Wipe data factory reset" or "Cache Patition" etc. ALL of them. Problem is, I didn't back up my phone correctly!! So now I cant fix it. I think I need firmware. Please help. I know I screwed this all up, but how do I fix this? I didnt realize it would do this to my phone plz help me & Thank you very much.
    07-26-2015 04:55 PM

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