1. Catimba's Avatar

    I really need help with this S5 Mini 'issue'.

    First of all the Android phones have two important features that would help us to locate the phone in case someone lose the phone (or in case of a steal): Google Location History and Google Device Manager.

    Galaxy S5 Mini has some shortcuts of the top of the screen to enable/disable some stuff like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation,......., and Location.

    The problem is that when you disable the Location it deactivates all functions about location, including Google Location History and Google Device Manager.

    In previous versions of the phone, like the S4 Mini, the button was called GPS. And then...when you disabled that feature only the GPS was disabled but all the other location features used to remain enabled.

    So... my question is... How can I disable only the GPS on the S5 mini without turning off the other features?
    11-10-2014 07:03 AM
  2. baldpaul's Avatar
    Unfortunately you can't toggle just GPS on and off anymore. As you have found already, toggling Location turns all location related features on or off. If you want to have location features turned on but not to use GPS then you need to change your location mode. Do a LONG press on the Location icon in the notification settings that you have been using to be taken directly to Location settings. At the top of the screen where it says Mode, touch this and in the next screen choose Power Saving so that location is determined only by WiFi and mobile networks. Using one of the other two settings that can use GPS to determine location will have absolutely no adverse effect on battery life unless you start to use an app that tries to use GPS for accurate location setting e.g. like google maps.
    11-10-2014 11:34 AM
  3. Catimba's Avatar

    So... the whole purpose of finding the phone when it gets stolen is gone, right? The thief would easily turn the Location setting off. It is so easy! There could be a way...
    11-11-2014 08:39 PM
  4. baldpaul's Avatar
    I'm not sure that turning off location history would prevent the phone being found but there would need to be mobile or WiFi connectivity turned on for device manager to locate a stolen phone. It should only be used in conjunction with a password, pin or fingerprint lock screen. If you don't use either of these then the thief could just factory reset the phone to prevent it being traced or delete your google account and device manager on the phone. Even if your phone is stolen and you do have a secure lock screen, the thief can just start the phone in recovery mode and reset it from there..but at least your personal data is wiped as a result. The reality is that the mechanisms to find and wipe the contents of a phone/tablet are not guaranteed to work but at least give you a chance that they might.
    11-12-2014 05:58 AM

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