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    Hi when I first got my S5 mini I moved all my files from my old Nokia E90 using the samsung transfer programme. This was fine with my previous music all correctly noted by Album, Artist etc though looking at the SD Card they are all just individual tracks . I'm using the Samsung music app.

    I now want to add more music from my already mp3'd CD collection. I used Kies3 and transferred the individual tracks to the phone sd card but now the new ones are by unknown artist and all in one unknown album, that is except one I got from Amazon only as a download which has the album art as well. this was transferred as individual tracks.

    I copied one album folder into the music folder and that seems to work though doesn't have the artist (who would be unknown as its a friend of mine). Is there a correct way of copying the files over or is it that as I've MP3'd them myself some info is missing. If thats the case is there any way of adding the info to the folders/ files. Also is there a way to edit what I have already coppied onto the phone or should I delete these and start again.

    I'm looking at about 2000 tracks so don't really want to do anything manually.

    I'd rather stick with the inbuilt player thoug ha download app would be OK. I don't want to touch Google Play music as its quietly slumbering now & am worried if i wake it up it'll never go back to sleep again which was a problem before my last factory reset. I don't use streaming as I go to places with no signal at all so need the music on the devise.

    12-21-2014 05:34 AM
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    You need to change the ID3 tags related to each of the MP3 files to give them the correct album, track and artist info. You can do this manually with a freeware mp3 tag editor or you may be able to automate it with an editor that has access to an online database of track info. If you use windows you can use the media player software to auto scan your music collection and apply the correct tags. I would copy all the music off the SD card to your windows music folder and load up media player and check the settings to get it to auto update the tags and let it run for a while. Once done you can delete the stuff on your SD card and copy your newly tagged files over to it. No need to use kies either, you can just drag and drop files with windows explorer.
    12-22-2014 02:37 AM
  3. JiffT's Avatar
    Thanks did that & it worked using a free tag editor. It wasn't totally automatic though so I had to check each track was aligned with the correct one from the database & the correct album art was applied. Biggest problem was choosing the genres, far to many & I don't know what half of them mean!.

    Still got my entire album collection on my phone just in time for Christmas away, and had a great time listening. Thanks for your help
    01-02-2015 10:21 AM

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