1. luke83's Avatar
    Firstly, apologies if there is already an answer to this but I have searched and not found solution. Secondly, I am really anal with music artist/title names. For example, always has to start with cap and I always abbreviate featuring to ft not feat.

    My issue is that I have edited song details both via my files and also using itag app. However, when I play the song on music player on my galaxy s5 mini, it is still wrong.

    An example is that one particular artist is all in caps despite me changing it to just being first letter.

    Please can someone shed any light as to what is wrong. Cheers
    12-28-2014 08:40 PM
  2. baldpaul's Avatar
    I would suggest trying a different music app to see if that has the same problem. Generally music apps use the inbuilt ID3 tags that are embedded in the files and it sounds like you have edited these already. Some apps will use the folder structure to determine artist and album info but it doesn't sound like you are using one of those apps. With regards the specific problem you mention regarding the artist name being in all CAPS, there are 2 tags related to artist. One is called Album Artist and the other is called Artist (I think!). Check you have them both set up correctly in your tag editor as your music app may be using the other one.

    I would also suggest rather than using itag I would get the files off your phone and onto a computer and do the editing there in case itag is not updating correctly. Just looked at its ratings on the play store and it doesn't look great. I use one called MP3TAG which is a windows freeware tool that allows bulk updating too.
    12-29-2014 02:33 AM

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