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    First, i'm not an English speaker soo this post must have english errors.
    Second, i understand english so you can answer in english.

    I rooted my GS5 Mini and when i was changing my boot screen i deleted some file. Probably the file is "shutdown.qmg".
    the problem is:
    When i press the button to turn off the screen, it doesn't turn off. please, someone can post all files form "/system/media" to me?
    if the problem isn't in that folder and someone knows where is, please help me.
    i'm from Brazil, and my galaxy is SMG800H.
    i used Xposed modes: Xuimod, NotifyClean, ScreenOfAnimation, Xblast Tools and gravity box
    Using gravity box my GS5 had the first problem and i reset the cellphone.
    i tried to use widgetlocker (when i tried to hack and i had some bugs with lock the cellphone)

    Please, if someone have an backup file or know where possible is the problem, please help me!
    - Remember, i cant lock the cellphone only.

    _________ EDIT ----

    - Using programs i can lock the cell phone but the sreen dont turn off!
    Thanks to everybody !!!
    02-16-2015 08:51 PM

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