1. MIKA80's Avatar
    When Keis3 does not work.
    I see my name on the upper left but it says it cant connect. I tried 10 times. Changed cables etc. it wont connect.
    I am new to android phone and I am not having a goid experience with them at all. Miss my old crappy blackberry curve.

    A yway I need step by step, istructions for dummies, on how to safely back up everything on my phone as I may need to transfer everything to a new s5 mini as my 2 months okd s5 mini is acting all weid (getting hot, draining completely in 4 hours, not responding).
    Wanted to do a factory reset but this damn Keis 3 program is not working (it orked for me on e before, ladt month though, nothing changed since then).

    Anyway, please heeelp?
    02-17-2015 01:59 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Helium for apps and data (uncheck the "data only" box if you want it to back up the apps). I use App Backup & Restore to back up my apps, because it makes apk files, so I can install one app if I want - from My Files even, you don't need the backup app to restore an apk file. (Helium will tell you to download a file to your PC if the phone isn't rooted - that's legitimate. It's looking for something, it can't get it from an unrooted phone, so the file kind of fakes it.)

    I use MyPhoneExplorer to back up just about everything else, texts mainly. You can use USB, wifi or Bluetooth to connect, but since you're probably already using USB for other things, set it to use USB and it'll find the phone and connect to it. (IIRC, you have to name the phone when it first finds it, from then on it just runs.)

    Contacts, if they're Google contacts (they should be - not Device, Phone or SIM contacts) are backed up at Google Contacts already, if you have contact sync enabled (it is by default). The new phone will restore from there automatically.

    For contacts that aren't Google contacts, you can either just use MyPhoneExplorer to back them up or you can (and should) convert them to Google contacts. (Export to the SIM or SD card [depending on which Contacts app you have - if you can do both, just pick one, it doesn't matter], then import from the SIM or SD card, to the Google account. If you get duplicates, you can use the Merge Duplicates in More at Google Contacts.)

    Any other files, just drag to the PC. If things like album structure is important, drag the entire top folder - like Music for your music - so all the albums are kept intact. (If you're copying a huge mass of files, like hundreds of songs, make sure the charger is plugged in and that you're not using a USB nub - most of them can't handle that kind of heavy-duty work. Plug directly into a port on the computer.)

    Copy the carbon folder (that's Helium's folder) and the App Backup and Restore folder, if you use it, to your PC.
    02-17-2015 02:34 PM
  3. MIKA80's Avatar
    Thanks, will try, in the meantime kies3 recognized my device finally.
    02-19-2015 03:21 PM

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