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    Dear all,

    this is a warning for all of you that would like to purchase S5 / S5 mini and a raised finger for the "software engineers" at Google. If you want to use SD card encryption, it is NOT POSSIBLE to use any other SCREEN UNLOCK option than PASSWORD. There is NO workaround regarding this issue. Either you are happy with your internal storage size for all apps and data or you have to enter 20 times per day a bothering password again, like on several models before, OR you have your data unencrypted and vulnerable if you loose your phone.

    3rd party encryption solutions are also very cumbersome because on-the-fly encryption apps require EXT2,3,4 filesystem if the encrypted container is larger than 4GB. If anyone knows about an app that can seamlessly mount such partitions - let me know. I tried all available but without success.

    Thank you, Android team, for your "contribution" to data security on our phone, combined with "perfect user experience", typing in lenghty passwords everytime we want to use our phones when your super cool MicroSD encryption is activated. If you want to do it better, go and look at ANCIENT NOKIA E52 and its on the fly MicroSD encryption. Same congrats btw. should go to Microsoft, who for strange reasons does not provide BitLocker for reasonable MicroSD security.
    02-21-2015 10:38 AM

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