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    Maybe a stupid question, but I seem to be having many of the problems that users are experiencing after Lollipop upgrades by their carriers.
    I have a GSM unlocked SM G800H, apparently from AFRICA, and I use various pay as you go carriers so no one should be "upgrading" without my knowledge. However, I do occasionally miss and approve when something wants to update, and MIGHT have let it slip in (if it tried to insert itself!). When I look at my "about device" settings it still says 4.4.2, but the bottom 2/3 of the screen after Device name, including the Android Version heading is greyed out (it can be highlighted in blue but is not white like the upper 1/3).

    The issues I'm experiencing include frequent "unfortunately, settings not available" (or something like that) Contacts continuously updating, poor battery life, overheating while charging, screen never goes dark while charging. It also claims to have insufficient storage despite supposed 16 GB internal and an additional chip. (I'm not a big app user, but I do have some photos and videos that have not yet transferred to Google+) I also can't re-join my Google account after removing it in an attempt to solve the Contacts problem. And because my Amazon purchased phone came from Africa, Samsung denies any responsibility for helping. One reason I depend on this forum!

    I have tried clearing my cache, opening in safe mode and recovery mode, none of which have helped. I am working on backing up in anticipation of a dreaded factory reset, since it appears I am on my own with this supposedly under warranty device.

    Any alternative suggestions welcomed.
    07-29-2015 04:00 PM

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