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    I had promised to share how to get Sense 6 Blinkfeed launcher on the S5 then someone posted the instructions on XDA. Here they are. If you need anymore help go on XDA and go to the Sense 6 thread
    Blinkfeed all androids install instructions
    How to install:

    Before you have:

    -4.4.2 Rom
    -Root access with TWRP installed
    -Root Explorer apk and Twitter already installed and logged


    -Past the two filles (com.htc.sense1.apk and htc.blinkfeed-v10.zip downloaded from this post) to your smartphone storage
    -Reboot your smartphone in TWRP recovery mode
    -In Recovery click install an select htc.Blinkfeed- v10.zip from the folder that you keep it
    -Reboot System
    -Select your stock launcher go to root explorer, open system folder/piv-app/ find com.htc.sense2.apk and delete it, reboot your smartphone normally
    -Select your stock launcher open the folder with the com.htc-sense1.apk that you downloaded here and install it like a normal apk, can take a few seconds to install, after reboot your phone
    -Select Blinkfeed Launcher (internet must be on), go to feed panel select one feed to test
    -Go to Blinkfeed settings feed, add services and sellect Twitter (twitter must be already logged), open Twitter in Blinkfeed and give permission if it ask for
    -Now go to your phones settings/accounts add weather htc permissions
    -In Blinkfeed launcher define Blinkfeed feed panel as home panel, weather and time will appear now, it can take a little to synchronize weather

    It's all

    Thanks to GakuGaku and everyone that help make it, we are waiting for someone to port facebook and instagram feed.

    apks download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n1nyw1azb2q7p2r/j7WapZRon4
    04-25-2014 12:14 PM

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