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    I am about to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S5 - I have 3 questions about rooting my phone tonight...thanks in advance for everyone's help!

    1. If I root the phone, remove any bloatware/applications I don't want, when I'm finished, can I un-root the phone and still use it like normal (as if I didn't root the phone to begin with)? Basically, the only reason why I want to root the phone is to remove all the bloatware and crap that drives me nuts, due to being used to using an iPhone without so much "crap".

    2. Where can I find a list of the programs and what they do, and how they are listed, when looking at the list of programs I can chose to delete? Some are obvious, but if I remember correctly when working on my SG S4 a while back, not all bloatware/programs are obvious in the way they are listed out for you.

    3. If I root my phone - then go unroot the phone, can I still update the AOS to Android L when it's released? Or, can you also update the AOS when it is rooted?

    07-14-2014 01:48 PM

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