1. Blake Decker1's Avatar
    i have a gs5 900a on at&t using towelroot/safestrap/visx custom rom/xposed framework..my knox counter is still at 0x0 so this is what ive done and used to load my rom...understand this is my first rom i loaded..so lets talk about once in safe strap if you select boot options you will see these nice rom slots..wow i can save all my roms right here and just a simple wipe and load the rom in whichever slot right? noooo...i did this and the install/wipe options went from red font to the blue...well once this goes down..your phone is not going to be acting right..i ended up in a screen kept flashing..once in a while it would ask for a system restore..well i did it..but it didnt do nothing because it didnt go through all the steps of setting it completely back to my stock rom..i then ended up with a black screen bricked..ya buddy...dont freak out mannnn..its gonna be ok...i noticed when the phone booted it did not have the red words saying disabled anymore..they were green and enabled!..but you can still go back into recovery...i got it to power on and thank god it wasnt hard bricked..i wouldnt have been able to get in safe strap..but go in safe strap and go to wipe..not only wipe go into advanced wipe and tick all of the boxes..all of them..once you do this and slide to complete the wipe..good things are to come..after the wipe is done..find your last backed up rom you saved hopefully?!?! and you will just have to start at that point in life with the phone..but your gonna still be on visx..i noticed my developer options were not open..usb debug was not even ticked..in security the unknown source tick was not there...it was on..i cant say if the texting and calls were working i didnt test i was putting my settings back togather..but once everythings back and ticked reboot..if you dont get a signal dont freak out..this also happend to me..i went and did a wipe complete system resotre like before..this time i put visx back on my phone connected to pc all that and put visx back on and went backkk into safe strap...hit install..find that new freshy fresh visx or whatever rom and install it..what did this do? well i was rooted again..still had my custom rom..safe strap was still red...green is badddd...my phone was back..and had signal!!!!!!!!!! i got everything back the way i want my phone..what im saying is..IF YOU MESS WITH ROM SLOTS AND TURN THE COLORS GREEN..OR JUST SAVE IN ANY OF THOSE SLOTS YOU WILL GET BRICKED,BOOT LOOPED ETC.. but the fix is there this is my story and i hope it helped someone..feel free to ask questions?!?!
    08-17-2014 07:16 PM
  2. Sheri Warden1sheribaby's Avatar
    Yeah so I pretty much did the sa.e exactly thing to mine it's the same exact phone. When it happened I was stuck on the custom boot screen andystill am. I can get into odin ode and stock recovery But Odin is the only one that will recognize by usb. My comp, kies abd. Won't recognize it's plugged in and and will see the phone In sideload mode only but it won t read any Rom files or zips or apks so basically sd card or Odin have been the only things that work. No Safestrap and all of my phone functions are gone. Including my backup.just yesterday and it's been at least a month or researching yesterday I flashed a stock kernal it booted to custom screen then to stock splash screen you can hear AT&T intro music then it goes black. . I just paid for this phone out right because ex smashed my s4. Can't afford a new one or repair costs. I got this crappie replacement for now. If anybody k owe how to fix this!!!!*??? Please. Message bacK. and thanks for your post Blake Decker 1 first post I've found that al.ist is the same thing.
    04-30-2015 02:12 AM

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