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    Alright so I have a Galaxy S5, it's always been mostly fast but does tend to bog down quickly. Recently I've rooted my phone and installed maybe 4 modules using Xposed Installer. I understand that with installing extra modules that are constantly running, I'm sacrificing some of my RAM. However, I've downloaded Smart Booster, an application designed to delete cache and help me free up RAM by closing unused programs. This is all great, except that the programs open up immediately after I close them. Just to name a few of the big ones: T-Mobile My Account(which is hilarious because in the 5 years I've been a T-Mo customer and the 10 separately owned phones, this app has never once worked), Google Play Store, Ebates, S health, etc.

    Anyway, I have 1.8GB of usable RAM on this phone and at any given time I'm lucky to have 600Mb free. This is getting to be a 650$ waterproof brick. So my question is, does the community know of any apps that will help me to constantly stop these apps from running, possibly even uninstall said apps? I don't want Advanced Task Manager or any application that will merely close an app once, but allow it to start up again immediately. I've tried Boot Manager, but even that seemed to only stop so much. My log showed a lot of allowed applications that I find unnecessary. I'd like to have control over when any app is open or has services running.

    Is the solution easy? I had a hard time searching and being as specific as I needed. I saw Autostarts and Startup Manager as suggestions, and I suppose I could have tried them both before making this post. I just didn't want to be waiting around for an answer and doing nothing. So anyway, I'll reply if either of those work ideally for me.
    08-28-2014 08:43 AM
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    08-28-2014 09:35 AM
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    Being that you rooted your device I would have thought you would have been through all of this. That's not a knock, I promise. Task killers and memory boosters are pretty much a thing of the Android 2.2 era and before. After Android 3.3 they pretty much became obsolete. Android got smart and built a lot of those features into its' OS. Just as you've noted the apps these apps close open right back up and do little but slow your phone down and drain your battery constantly running in the background. Being that you rooted your device you could overclock it to try and squeeze a little more from your processor, or you could block, stop, or freeze the apps you don't feel are necessary. I've seen several people tout the claims that this app or that app has helped but overall in the android community I think you'll find that people are happiest when they let android do its' thing.
    08-28-2014 09:49 AM

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