1. baraba's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    Brand new user here. Had my S5 (Verizon) for a couple months now. Love it. However, about 2 days ago, I noticed that when on 4G (or data in general and not wifi), web pages won't load. I am always using Dolphin browser, but the same issue is on Chrome, so it's not browser related.

    Then I noticed that most apps will update normally (Facebook, Instagram, Bank of America, Amex, etc), and then there are some apps that will not (ones I noticed are CNN, Vice, TuneIn).

    Sometimes, a restart fixes the issue for a while. What I am also noticing is when I'm using 4G, even the pages that it loaded in Wifi won't load on Wifi anymore, if you turn wifi off/on (as I was testing).

    Anyone else having this issue?
    09-06-2014 11:16 PM
  2. s5 user's Avatar
    Having the same problem. play store wont work most of the time and cant do a complaint to google because it doesn't,t work either. Some times can do an internet search but not from the google bar. Have good internet access via wifi everywhere else but seems to conflict with the phone. Would love some answers.
    09-10-2014 06:42 AM
  3. troshs's Avatar
    Same issue here. It started when our Wifi went down. Now awaiting a new subscription to our cable company, I am on 4G most of the time. It gets frustrating when things won't load. I even cleared my cache every day this week and reseated my SIM card. Getting really frustrating. We have 10 gigs of data on our line and can't hardly use it because we can't use hardly any of our apps or browsers.

    Boom! From My S5
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    09-16-2014 11:35 AM
  4. Erik Grabowski's Avatar
    Same issue. Certain web pages won't load on 4G, but if I switch to Wifi, they load just fine. Also, some apps (AOPA FlyQ for instance) won't load data over 4G, but switch to Wifi and it's fine...

    Need a fix! The big iPhone 6 is looking good at this time...
    10-24-2014 08:19 PM
  5. Erik Grabowski's Avatar
    I have a fix. May just be a band aid, but it's working for me.

    Just playing aroind, I turned on the "reduce data usage" setting in Chrome's settings and the Web page I couldn't load, now loaded. That fixed the problem in chrome, but other apps still had a problem.

    So I found a whole system data compressor, Onavo Extend, and it sets up a VPN and compresses http data to the phone. Now all the apps and pages load correctly.

    It seems maybe the data stream from certain sites or apps is too large for mobile data, so this compresses it down to usable levels.

    Speed test shows no noticeable drop in speed.

    Google and Samsung need to fix this on the next update, I hope.
    10-25-2014 02:10 AM
  6. naren0123's Avatar
    Maybe your auto downloader activate

    Go to play store >> setting >> auto download
    Set to never
    10-26-2014 10:54 PM
  7. Juan Carlos Serrato Vital's Avatar
    Thanks for your comment. Even through I could not install Onavo Extend due to incompatibility, I instead installed a browser called Opera Mini, which includes by default an "extreme" data saving mode which solved my problem as you described accurately. Before using this browser, I tried with Dolphin and the default browser, and both show connectivity problems when using the wireless network data connection but work fine with wi-fi, even if other applications would run without problems on both.
    11-23-2015 07:40 PM

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