1. Northern.dj's Avatar
    There is allot of info on this and it has the word Root involved
    De branding is easy but getting Kies to work after is tricky
    well Not realy
    There is No rooting Needed to change the CSC so no worries about Knox
    Kies fixes this (Yes it is needed)
    So here goes
    1. Get Kies 3 up and running and make sure your phone connects and is fully Charged
    2. Find out the firmware on your phone
    3. Download the same unbranded from Sammobile.com
    eg Product Code: BTU

    PDA: G900FXXU1ANG2
    CSC: G900FOXA1ANG3

    Product Code: O2U
    PDA: G900FXXU1ANG2
    CSC: G900FO2U1ANG2

    The Key bit is the CSC both the PDA and Modem are the same
    Now long gone are the days of multi CSC now there is only one CSC so CSC changers don't work as the CSC is not in the root partiotion of the phone
    So now do a Hard Factory wipe and clear the cache in recovery mode DO NOT REBOOT THE PHONE
    pull the battery and then go into Download mode.
    Connect the phone to Odin (downloaded from Sammobile)
    and blow the stock (BTU) or what ever country rom on to your phone.
    Now let it reboot what will now happen is Google will start to play up on the search (Don't Panic)
    do another Factroy wipe and cache clean.
    Now the Fun bit
    Boot keys up now with out the phone plugged in click on tools the Firmware upgrade and initialization
    enter your model number and serial number it will report a error that is fine this is because the phone is not connected
    clear the error
    now plug in your phone on kies you will see that there is a Massive long Firmware that fine
    now click tools and Firmware upgrade and initialization again
    Now this will then come up with a warning screen saying it will have to reset as it starts you will see behind Kies fixing the issues and sorting out the CSC it Downloads the correct Firmware from them and Restarts your phone and Bingo
    CSC is now correct and kies says your phone is a stock unit
    This may work to clear out a custom rom but you will have to Clear the knox count later
    Samsung Told me this as that is how they do this
    09-13-2014 02:50 PM
  2. Northern.dj's Avatar
    No reply's very strange but any how, my sauce at samsung has just tried this
    They installed a Vodafone Rom on a S5 and used Kies to initialization the phone with out doing Factory wipes
    But to be safe i would.
    I have done this now on three Hansest Mine was Vodafone now BTU one on Uk O2 and a Note 3 on Orange there all are now Stock BTU
    The Note three even came up after and said there was a Update so the owner was chuffed
    09-14-2014 08:03 AM
  3. Victor Kasanda1's Avatar
    does the debranding of the s5 SM G900A take away network lock?
    12-31-2014 12:11 PM
  4. Northern.dj's Avatar
    I have only ever don the SM-G900F and the Network lock is still there but Samsung can do this for you if you ring them up
    04-08-2015 09:04 AM
  5. jaydvn's Avatar
    I have a solution for this... decompress a stock ROM using winrar of 7zip on PC, then repack to tar.md5 without cache.img and hidden.img using a repack tool found in XDA-dev. Use ODIN to flash the new packed tar.md5 file. After that, your phone will unbranded and supports multi-lang.
    05-19-2015 11:07 AM

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