1. xazilizax's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 rooted and I'm having a big problem.

    NOTE: I went to the XDA Developers site to use instructions to root my phone and started from step 3.
    xda-developers>Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 5>Verizon Galaxy S 5 General>[GUIDE] [Updated] Safely Upgrade and Root (NI2) + VoLTE

    After I un-rooted my phone, updated to 4.4.4 (NI2) and then started from Step 3 to re-root my phone, the root was successful, but my phone is still freezing A LOT and after it freezes, it restarts and there are apps spontaneously shutting off on me.... "Unfortunately, Google+ [or whatever random app it wants to close] has stopped." Another issue I noticed is that sometimes it will restart by itself and stay stuck on the Orange Verizon screen and it won't boot up. I have to pull the battery.

    Can anyone help me with this? It's getting very annoying and I cannot use my phone properly.
    09-30-2014 09:01 AM
  2. Brandon Lindstrom's Avatar
    I had this similar problem before upgrading to 4.4.4 and I'm not rooted. I'm having other issues as well with the Verizon upgrade. My notification tone is delayed by a minute from when the text comes in.
    09-30-2014 09:33 PM
  3. Gr8c3ful1's Avatar
    Having same issue I believe is the upgrade to 4.4.4 not the root.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-11-2014 04:01 PM
  4. vokezi's Avatar
    try rebooting your phone
    10-11-2014 05:50 PM

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