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    I have a Verizon S3 and will probably upgrade to a Verizon S5 but I am concerned about rooting (rooted my S3). When I upgrade to S5 I will want to root so that I can use the SD Card for apps to write to. So I woud like to know how root the S5 and then I would like to know how I then get the normal OTA upgrades (do I need to unroot and if so how do I do it)?

    Thanks for your help and advise.
    10-03-2014 07:17 PM
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    You don't have to root to get your apps on the SD card.

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    10-04-2014 10:28 AM
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    You don't have to root to get your apps on the SD card.

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    Maybe I need to be more specific - I want my apps to be able to write to the SD Card. On my S3 I had to root it for that purpose when it was upgraded to 4.4.2. Is it the same thing on S5? I don't really care where the apps are installed to but I need to have the ability to have the apps write to the SD Card.

    Please respond
    10-04-2014 10:44 AM
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    Okay, I've written this in a bunch of other threads, but I'll add it here too.

    Kitkat is cripplewear. Yes, you can, in some instances, run apps from the SD card, but there are many that you CAN'T. Additionally, VERY FEW apps will WRITE to the SD card, thus making it less than useful -- depending on how you use the card. If you want to use it as a ROM that you dump things onto from your computer, then sure, you're good to go. If you use it for document editing/picture editing/ encryption of ANYTHING, you're out of luck unless you root the phone.

    Now, about rooting. That really depends on what carrier you're with. I can only speak to AT&T -- who has released a continual stream of "Security" updates that make it very difficult -- but not impossible -- to root the phone. Please note that I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS YET, but here is the thread on XDA. There's a lot of info in the thread and you should probably read it before attempting to root your phone. And again, as far as I know, this is ONLY for the AT&T phones.
    [How-To] Root G900AUCU2ANG3 | AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 5 | XDA Forums
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    10-04-2014 10:48 AM
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    Thanks for your response, it sounds like it is the same as my S3. Do you happen to know to know if the above will change when Google releases "L"?
    10-04-2014 10:57 AM

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