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    My wife and I both recently got the Galaxy S5. We love the phone. She actually downgraded from an S6 and likes the S5 better. But when we attach the phones to our computers to load something onto the SD card, the computer doesn't even see that it is connected. This is with both phones and on two different desktops.

    I see posts on here about rooting and so on so I know it can be done or no one could download anything to root it. I don't want to root the phones but we do want to be able to access it via the computer. We didn't have a problem with the S3 or the S6. Any suggestions?
    11-22-2015 05:01 PM
  2. rhea's Avatar
    Are you running Lollipop or Marshmallow? From your description, it doesn't sound like the new MM pull notification shade feature.

    Rooting isn't necessary. It sounds like a driver issue but could be a cable issue. Delete the previous devices from usb then let the computer assign new drivers. This program (http://m.download.cnet.com/USBDeview...-10614190.html) makes it easy to locate and delete usb drivers. I've used it on XP, 7 and 10.
    Alternately, Wifi file explorer app gives you access to the device contents without any cables via your web browser. Most file managers will let you wirelessly transfer data to/from pc.
    Samsung users may have more info for you.
    11-22-2015 05:14 PM
  3. Direwolf1's Avatar
    Lollipop. Android 5.0 Model SM-G900R7
    AP: G900R7 WWU3BOH1
    CP: same
    CSC: G900R7ACG3BOH1

    My computer does not have WiFi. I will try the driver solution for the USB Ports.

    11-22-2015 05:42 PM
  4. rhea's Avatar
    11-22-2015 05:56 PM
  5. ironass's Avatar
    On the stock Samsung international models, G900F, you can enter into the dial pad...


    This will bring up the USB Settings menu, see below, where you can change the USB settings and reboot the phone, in case of connection problems.

    11-22-2015 08:04 PM
  6. Direwolf1's Avatar
    I found the USB settings, but what do I want to select or deselect?
    11-23-2015 09:42 AM
  7. ironass's Avatar
    I found the USB settings, but what do I want to select or deselect?
    Go through them until you find one that works for you. Start at MTP.
    11-23-2015 09:53 AM

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